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We Take Care of Your Property and Guarantee Your Rent
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No More Landlord Issues, Worries or Work. Let Us Be Your Tenant!

Guaranteed Rent to Landlords

No more voids, no more issues.
We have been paying each month
like clockwork since 2013.

We Take Care of Your Property

We look after your property alongside our own personal property portfolios.
Same care and attention.

Peace of Mind

We are proud to work with leading agents and savvy landlords.  ​Our 100% renewal track record ​speaks for itself.

Guaranteed Payment Every Month

We have never missed a payment over many years. We have even chased landlords to pay them 😉

Long Term Commitment

Our aim is to take care of everything so you’re free from all hassles.  We can offer 2-5 year corporate lets.

Regular Inspections

We inspect your property regularly exactly when we inspect our own.

Proactive Maintenance

The best way to avoid big maintenance bills is to
​nip problems in the bud. We do that for you and take care of minor maintenance.

Compliance and Regulations

We are accredited landlords and so keep abreast of changes including HMO licensing.

Safety is our Priority

It is paramount that your property is safe for tenants. We sometimes invest our own funds in support of this priority.

Comprehensive Tenant Vetting

We vet professional tenants the same comprehensive way as we do for tenants in our own properties.

Responsive to Landlords and Tenants

You can always reach us.  And so can our tenants, via our 24×7 service line or our mobile phone app.

Ready for a Guaranteed Rent?


0207 754 0456 

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