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FREE Guide – 5 Steps to Sourcing High Return Properties

Save Time and Money with Professional Sourcing

Great Returns

We target properties with potential
15+% annual return and
£1,000+ income per month.

Don’t Miss Out

Great return properties get snapped up
within hours.  Apply to join our Property Investors Club for priority access.

Peace of mind

We assess opportunities every day.
If it meets our criteria then we share it.
Don’t do it alone anymore.

Why Engage a Professional Sourcing Service

High Street Agent

Market Price

Bought for market price

Low Returns

Net income on most properties is low

Low Cashflow

Returns on most properties offer poor returns

Speculative Appreciation

Speculating market ​will increase to add value

Sales Person Appraisal

Estate agents are focused on sales commission

Conflict of Interest

Estate agents represent the vendor not you

Professional Sourcing

Discounted Below Market

Pre-negotiated to include a discount

High Return Potential

Projected forecast return of 15% per annum

Target £1,000+ Cashflow

Forecast net cashflow of £1,000 per month

Value Add

Include enhancement potential to increase value

Investment Appraisal

Opportunities must meet criteria to be considered

Investor Focus

We support you, the investor

Want a High ​Return Property?


0207 754 0456 

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